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"Interlinear Scripture Analyzer 3" or "ISA3" 2002-2015 Scripture4All Publishing, All Rights Reserved.

This copyright applies to all program files, add-on modules, documentation and auxiliary files, except the files which have its own copyright statements in "Database Info" in ISA's helpfile.

You are not allowed to copy or distribute this program.

You may not host ISA files, neither the program itself nor any associated modules, on any web site or server on the Internet. You may not disassemble or reverse engineer ISA, nor any of its associated modules.

You may not publish any pictures of this beta software

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The software may periodically and automatically contact the website to query the latest version of the software. For technical reasons, the software's version number is being submitted. This information may also be used for statistical purposes. This data is not being shared with any third party.

Scripture4All Publishing reserves the right to make exceptions to any of these conditions, or alter these conditions, at any time.

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