Terms of use
Greek and Hebrew interlinears


- the PDF files may only be used "as is" namely as separate chapter files.
- the PDF files may not be merged together as one.
- the PDF files may not be changed in anyway.
- the PDF files are for personal use only and may not be distributed or published in anyway.
  Copying all chapters of a Bible book or more and giving that away to others we consider also distributing and is not allowed.

Scripture4all is preparing a full version of these PDF which will be sold online. This new version will have fast book-chapter- verse navigation, and will be specially adapted for tablet devices.

Copyright and fair use:

Guidelines for the use of interlinear texts:
The content of the interlinears can be freely cited and printed without written permission to a maximum of 50 verses, provided that the number quoted words are not more than 50% of a Bible book and/or than 50% of the text of the work in which they are cited.
Copyright statements must contain Version and Copyright info of each of separate interlinear line.
All the information about the different copyrights can be found in the ISA HELP:

for ISA2 interlinears: http://scripture4all.org/help/isa2/DatabaseInfo/DatabaseInfo.html 
for ISA3 interlinears: http://scripture4all.org/help/isa3/textinfo/index.html 
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