What's new in ISA basic 2


15 Jun. 2011    ISA basic 2.1.5


- interlinear "Phrase" search NT did not work (since version 2.1) No problems with OT. Other search modes were OK.

(The problem does only surface when the main interlinear text has no extra variants – I continually test search functions with a text which has variants because I am working for the next version of ISA. But thanks to an email I was alerted).


12 Feb. 2011    ISA basic 2.1.4


- No real new updates for this version. Only message this version is old - moved forward.

We currently still working on the new Version "ISA 3 basic" and hope to release it somewhere mid 2011.


22 Apr. 2010     ISA basic 2.1.3


- Assist with parsing available again.  (was not available since version 2.0.8)

Updated - Strongs Lexicon - better layout (more distinctive KJV renderings).

24 Jan. 2010     ISA basic 2.1.2

  Important for [ScrTR] parsing users

- [ScrTR] Parsing updated from 1.0 to 1.1
With the parsing of the verbs, the second letter which normaly indicates Mood or Participle was not correct. This is now fixed.
The parsing included with the old WHNA text has no problems.


2 Dec. 2009     ISA basic 2.1.1


- export function Translations / Notes


10 Oct. 2009    ISA basic 2.1


Due to copyright claims we had to replace the WHNA text. We now temporarily replace it with Scriverners Textus Receptus 1894. At a later date we plan to add the NA/USB variants as a comment or popup window.

For people who have already ISA basic 2.0.8 installed and want to keep the WHNA text, can install version 2.1 and still use the WHNA. But if they want to use the ScrTR they have to uninstall the old version first.



- WHNA to ScrTR (Scriveners Textus Receptus 1894) (basis of KJV or AV)
- Strong
- Parsing


- [ScrTR] CGTS version update 1.4.1 to 1.5 (adapted for ScrTR text)
- [ScrTR] CGES_id version update 2.2.1 to 2.3 (adapted for ScrTR text)

- [WLC] CHES 2.0.1 to 2.0.2 some corrections.
- [WLC] Strong 1.0 to 1.0.1 some typo corrections no numbers were changed.


13 Jul. 2009    ISA basic 2.0.8

Fixed - bug when running on Window 7 RC
- translation text zoom

- CView smaller rowheight
- main menu 'Std' / 'Trn' preset rename => 'L1' / 'L2'

- CGTS version update 1.4 to 1.4.1
- CGES_id version update 2.2 to 2.2.1
- Strong (NT) version update 2.1 to 2.1.1


4 Nov 2008    ISA basic 2.0 RC7

Fixed - Search results with multiple wildcard search '*' + '#' (gave too much results).
- Other small bug fixes.

- CHES version update 2.0 to 2.0.1
- CGES_id version update 2.1 to 2.2
- Strong (NT) version update 2.0.2 to 2.1


19-Jun-2008    ISA basic 2.0 RC6b - only small fixes

Fixed Abbreviation of translation name before verse was not shown. (interlinear window)
"Justify" option from the "view" menu did not save.

4-Jun-2008    ISA basic 2.0 RC6 - Most important changes:

Fixed By selecting more than one Greek word in Concordant View sometimes only one of them was shown in the Search Results window.
Versions that were affected: ISA basic 2.0 RC2-RC3-RC4-RC5
updated CGTS version update 1.3 to 1.4
CGES_id version update 2.0 to 2.1

13-Feb-2008    ISA basic 2.0 RC5 - IMPORTANT UPDATE!


After extensive testing and comparing with different search engines the following problems were found and fixed.


Searching translation with more than one word (phrase etc) did not find all occurrences.


Searching interlinear with more than one word-cell (phrase etc) did not find all occurrences.

Fixed Words in italics in CLV and YLT translation could not be found. (but did work in ISA basic 2.0 RC1)
tested ok Searching with one word with translation works fine, also in the previous versions.
tested ok Searching with more than one word in one interlinear cell works fine, also in the precious versions.
tested ok One word search in all translations except the italics text in the CLV and YLT translation, works fine, also in the previous versions.
tested ok In the older version ISA 1.2 these search problems do not occur.
updated Better Hebrew support without the need to install "files for complex script and right-to-left languages".
For displaying Hebrew vowel signs in (search)-input-fields you still need to install "files for complex script and right-to-left languages" on XP.

4-Feb-2008    ISA basic 2.0 RC4 - Most important changes:

updated New Installer.
updated Splash info screen under Vista.
updated Hebrew support.

20-Jan-2008    ISA basic 2.0 RC3 - Most important changes:

Hebrew part  
FIXED WLC_v (Westminster Leningrad Codex + vowel signs).
Some vowel signs (the combined vowel signs: Hataf Segol, Hataf Patah and Hataf Qamats) were wrongly displayed.
Greek part  
Updated CGES_id version 2.0.2 (from 2.0)

22-Dec-2007    ISA basic 2.0 RC2 - Most important changes:

FIXED Chinese character problems solved
FIXED Problem with searching more than one word in interlinear WHNA with phrase.
FIXED Desktop gave flicker with Startup and Exit
FIXED Translation file open / close (gave to many files open error with Linux (Wine)
FIXED Sublist word count was not always visible
FIXED 1THESALONICA xx:xx last number was truncated
FIXED Cview column widths were not saved.
Updated Translation and notes font setup updated
Hebrew part No Changes
Greek part  
Updated CGTS version 1.3 (from 1.2)
Updated CGES_id version 2.0 (from 1.1)
Updated Lemma_t
Updated Strong

11-Aug-2007    ISA basic 2.0 RC1 - Most important changes:

Hebrew part  
Added Hebrew text WLC with ketiv-qere
Added Hebrew text with vowel points
Added Hebrew transliteration with prefix/suffix markers.
Added Strong for Hebrew OT checked and corrected.
Added Hebrew Strongs Lexicon
Updated Interlinear Database: CHES corrected (v2.0) and with added prefix/suffix markers. Follows now exactly the grammar of the Westminster Hebrew Morphology.
Greek part  
Updated Strong for Greek NT (errors corrected)
Updated Lemma for Greek NT (errors corrected)
Updated GrammarTags is renamed to Parsing, mood indication is now more abbreviated. (errors were corrected)
Replaced Old lexicon (was from Online Bible which has some copyright claims) instead the original Strongs lexicon is added and extra data will be added at a later time.
Added Interlinear layout with translation on top
Added Layout preset modes for the front end of ISA.
Updated GUI interface. Most things are made simpler and more consistent.
Updated Totally new and much faster internal search engine ( searching with xx*xx is now possible * can be anything)
Updated Display render engine with all kinds of rich text like superscript/ lightface/ bold / colors etc.
Updated Assist with Parsing.
Updated Concordant View - faster and more extensive.
Replaced WordList window replaced with the Concordant View in combination of Strong Stepping you can do almost the same or even better.
Removed Print function will be transfered to the (future) Professional version - But you can always print the PDF files from the Scripture4all site.
Removed Sublinear Edit function.
Removed Sublinear Export/Import function.





About the Hebrew fonts:
The WLC and WLC_v uses unicode fonts. This means that any Hebrew unicode font can be used.
To be able to show the WLC with vowel correctly you need to follow the instructions when you start the ISA program for the first time (for XP).
ISA uses standard Times New Roman for the Hebrew but Arial can be used also.

The best looking font for the WLC and WLC_v is: Ezra SIL.
But there is one drawback and that is: it is very slow. Drawing of this font is about ten times slower that of the unicode fonts Arial or Times New Roman.
Download Ezra SIL here: EzraSIL25.exe
From the SIL international site:


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