Using the Panels

Panels can be opened, closed, minimized, maximized, docked and undocked. Understand that not every panel has all of these options. But for example the Lexicon panel has it all.

panel title bar

1) undock panel - makes a floating window of the panel - to dock it again press icon dock panel
2) minimize panel
3) maximize panel
4) close panel - to open the panel again you need to go to the ISA main menu - Windows and check the window/panel to be opened.

when a panel is minimized it looks like this :
minmized panel title bar

or when maximized it looks like this :
maximized panel title bar

The icon panel restore button will restore to the last height it had before minimizing or maximizing.

Some panels you can drag to another part of the main window. But the 'interlinear' and 'srch list' panel are fixed.

The height of the panel can be resized by dragging the top edge of the title bar of the panel:
panel resize

The width of the panels can be resized by dragging the left or right side of the panel:

 panel horizontal resize