Download Help (ISA2)

How to download ISA

Install Error message: invalid database (with Windows XP-SP2)

Install Error message: "Setup.ini...Invalid Database...Installation will be cancelled."

Error message: Unable To Locate DLL (gdiplus.dll)

"Range Check Error"

Alternative file download link


How to download ISA2

Left click on ISA_basic_v20_RC1.exe    (or newer version)


A new page with with a Download button appears. Click on the button.


Click Run button.

Wait till the download is ready.


Press Run button for next window:


Follow the Installation program.

When ISA is finished installing you can add additional translations for ISA they are also on the Download page.




Install Error message: invalid database

There were two circumstances when we saw this error occuring.

1) sometimes this error appears when people try to install without administrator rights. Please be sure that you install under an administrator account.

2) (with Windows XP-SP2)  When you have saved the file during the download instead of clicking the run button, the file is blocked. The new Windows XP service pack 2 security blocks the content until you change the file property through the Properties dialog box. You may be able to start the installation but it will give this error message: invalid database

To open and view the file properly:
1. Right click on the icon of the downloaded file.

2. Select Properties from the menu. (see bottom of list)

3. Be sure you are looking at the General Tab. (find tab across top)
4. In the Properties dialog box of the downloaded file there is a security section at the bottom of the General tab warning that this file came from another computer and could pose a threat.
5. Click Unblock

6. Click Apply (bottom right)
7. Click OK (bottom left)
8. Double Click the icon to open the file to run the install.



Install Error message: "Setup.ini...Invalid Database...Installation will be cancelled."

One reason of this error message showing up is when the download was not completed somehow. If this is the case you can try downloading it again. Also try this alternative file download link.





Error message: Unable To Locate DLL (gdiplus.dll)

Windows 98/NT/2000 usage requires installation of the GDI+ package from Microsoft.

It can be downloaded here:

or here:

After unzipping, copy the "gdiplus.dll" file to the "c:\program files\ISA2\" directory.

Start ISA.


Alternative file download link

This is an alternative download link. Try this one if the normal link gives download problems or time outs.






































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