The Christian faith is founded on documentary evidence. It has pleased God to give us His revelation in languages not our own. The Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew, with part of it composed in Chaldee. The New Testament was written in Greek.
Today many copies  of the original manuscripts are preserved, especially of the Greek New Testament. And it is generally acknowledged that these manuscripts in the original language are the only evidence for divine truth. Consequently the nearer we can get to that, the safer we are. Only a small percentage of those interested in reading the originals are in fact able to do so, which is caused by their lack of knowledge of Hebrew and Greek.

The ISA program is designed for examination of the manuscripts in the original language. The entire Hebrew and Greek text has been transferred to consistent etymological and idiomatic English equivalents. It is not necessary to learn Hebrew or Greek or turn up words in a Hebrew or Greek lexicon or look up the grammar, for nearly all this is given in English just under the text itself. The reader receives the same impression as if he were reading the original. In this way the facts of Scripture will be readily accessible to all who understand the English language.

The ISA program will be of profit for anyone who seriously wants to know the facts in the sacred scriptures, whether they be translators, teachers, students, or interested lay people. Here, interlined with the Greek, and Hebrew, is a highly literal English translation. The ISA program, with its sophisticated search engine, should prove of great value to any student of the Old and New Testament.

The Netherlands, June 2015