The Greek New Testament

The Hebrew Old Testament

Text info
About the Interlinear lines, Translations and Lexicon used in ISA3.

The Concordant Method

The Vocabulary Method
Laws of language

The Standards and Elements
Word analysis - a word family - Grammatical standards

The Vocabulary
Introduction how to use the different Standard Levels in ISA3.

The Grammar
Introduction grammar parsing (parsing-c.en).

Grammar Table
List of the abbreviations and description used in the concordant grammar parsing (parsing-c.en).

The Greek and English Indefinite
"The so-called aorist or indefinite form is really not a tense at all, combining the marks of both past and future in its composition, unless it may be called a past-future. It corresponds with the indefinite present, I-WRITE. It is used of all three tenses in Ro.8:30: He designates beforehand (past), He calls and justifies (present), He glorifies (future)." Five methods of proof are given.

In Greek a word changes its form, especially its ending, to denote distinctions which, in English, are made by the use of added words. - With graphic scheme of cases and prepositions.

Intro Concordant Grammar (PDF)

Intro Word_Building (PDF)



Deutsch (Deutsch)


Die Konkordante Idee

Der Wortschatz

Die Grammatik

Grammatik Tabellen
Tabellarische Darstellung dessen, was die Kürzel des konkordanten grammatischen Parsings ( bedeuten.

Einführung Konkordanten Grammatik (PDF)

Einführung_Wortbau (PDF)

Deutsch (Nederlands)

Inleiding Concordante Grammatica (PDF)

Inleiding Woordopbouw (PDF)