Interlinear Scripture Analyzer 3 basic

What's new?

The new ISA3 Basic is a 'light' version of the ISA3 Pro which will be published at a later date.
In short compared with the old ISA2, ISA3 Basic has much more interlinears also in different languages but the application itself is more 'basic' and simplified than the old ISA2.
For people who want to use the Textus Receptus they can still use the old ISA2 (download ISA2) or buy the still being developed ISA3 Pro version at a later time which has everything. See ISA3 Basic vs Pro comparison table.

ISA 3.0.2 basic (beta)

PC requirements:
 Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 desktop

About License / Text Info

Greek NT GNT (C) Concordant Greek Text with 21 (sub)linears also with 3 languages: English, German and Dutch.
Hebrew OT WLC with (sub)linears : WLC_t, WLC_tm, CHES v2.1, Strong and
Translations CLV, KNT, KWNT
Lexicon Strong's Greek + Hebrew lexicon

download ISA3_basic_install_3_0_2.exe
2 Oct 2015
13.3 MB

About the Hebrew fonts

The best looking font for the WLC and WLC_v is: Ezra SIL.
When this one is installed ISA3 will automatically use it.

Download Ezra SIL here: EzraSIL251.exe
More info from the SIL international site:


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