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  Configure Configure interface language (only for the Basic version, the Pro version will have lots of extra settings)
Export export interlinear as a png picture.
  Exit Exit the ISA application.
OT 'Old Testament' Book List
NT 'New Testament' Book List
BookMarks Jump to an Bookmark. Use ISA set bookmark button to set it.
A maximum of 20 bookmarks will be saved when you exit ISA. New bookmarks will always add to the top.
  Search Translation  
  Search Interlinear  
Interlinear select an interlinear preset. There are Greek interlinears in 3 languages and Hebrew in English only.
--extensive-- selections have extra data lines see also Text Info
Lines shows all lines of the Interlinear preset - lines can be made visible and invisible here. See also Text Info
  Zoom Zoom in / out and set to standard zoom (100%)
There are 2 other ways to zoom:
1) Positioning the mouse on a panel and holding the ctrl key while using the mouse wheel.
2) Positioning the mouse on a panel and holding the ctrl key while pressing '+' or '-' key.
  Interl. lines /Transl. position 1-4 interlinear lines + translation on top
Full interlinear + translation left or right
  Uncial Koine Greek Font use the old (one of) the orignal fonts in which the Greek was written.
  minuscule - Modern Greek Font (with end Sigma) use the modern Greek font with end Sigma.
If a Greek word has an Sigma at they end it the program changes it for an end Sigma.
  Right to Left Use this for Hebrew as an option if you want the original Hebrew order (right to left).
  Next verse new line works only when showing a full interlinear. Every verse starts with a new interlinear line.
Window List of all (panel) windows and clipboard memo. Select to show or hide window.
  Contents Helpfile Contents
  Text info information about the interlinears, lexicon and translations.
  Check for updates Check online if a new update is available. ISA's home page
  About Splash screen with a link to  Help-Contents, Text info and License.

Main Buttons

 ISA set bookmark  Save Bookmark (only the 10 last added will be saved)
   Search - searches interlinear or translation.
  Layout preset buttons:
New layout settings are automatically saved when changing to another layout or when exiting ISA.
 "Standard (1)" Layout
 "Standard (2)" Layout
 "Translations" Layout
 "Full Interlinear" Layout
   "Search Results" Layout
   Reset selected layout to default